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Time to enjoy daylight savings all year

Our tried true LED, automatic, 14,400-lumen system is here.
Grab your sectional track door system today with FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING
We promise your tomorrow just got a whole lot brighter.



Our patented Garage Door Lighting system is a complete plug and play wireless lighting system that works with no power cords attached to your door as it travels back and forth. It has full automatic function after it's installed using the supplied hardware and components.

Our garages are the most underutilized areas of our home. No matter how many lights you mount to the ceiling of your garage, when you open your garage door it casts a shadow and blocks all the light mounted above it. The remedy was to get hanging lights or free standing light trees plugged into extension cords.

Our frustration with setting up and taking down the temporary lighting led us to rethink the garage door and how we can make light available as easily as possible without extra set up or cords. We developed and patented a wireless and low-voltage system that allowed us to light up the whole space automatically when the garage door was open.


LED Light Strip Reel

LIINC™ Garage Door Lighting Systems produce 6000k daylight white to bring brilliant light turning your garage into a more usable and safe space.

Garage Door Opening

Utilizing our LIINC™ Active Harness Technology™ when your door fully opens the light is automatically turned on. These systems will work on two car and single car garage doors. Once installed our system flexes and moves cordlessly with your door.

Cut Plug

Each of our low voltage LIINC™ Power Supplies come pre-wired and ready to install.

Guarantee with Medal

The patented LIINC™ Garage Door Lighting System ensures an automatic 14,400 lumens of light turn on when your garage door is open.

Designed and assembled in California.

Garage Door Open

Will it work with my garage door?

The short answer is Yes! Most garage doors will work with our patented Garage Door Lighting System. One system will cover both single or double car garage doors.

In order to get you the right system for your garage, make sure you know which kind of garage door track you have. Luckily there are really only two main types of garage door tracks. Head into your garage if you're not sure which you have, then select the system that matches your garage door track.

Single Track

This is the most common type of garage door style found across the country. You can easily identify this garage door style by the single track it rides on but be sure to look at the low clearance style just to be sure.

Single Track

Double Track

Like the other low clearance design, you'll typically find this style of garage door in garages with lower height ceilings. The main thing you'll notice is that there are two tracks for the garage door to ride in.

Double Track

Still not sure which you have?

If you're still not 100% positive which style garage door system you'll need, no problem.
Contact our team and we'll work to get you the right system.

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